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Reflecting on the iridophore transcriptome, and more
Alberto Lapedriza and Robert Kelsh

Metabolism under the spotlight in senescence
Corine Bertolotto

Targeting p53 in melanoma
Neil F. Box, Tyler O. Vukmer and Tamara Terzian

Fishful thinking: the rise and fall of MITF in melanoma
Colin R. Goding

Predicting cell shapes in melanomas
Benjamin J. Tyrrell, Matthew Neilson, Robert H. Insall and Laura M. Machesky

Of white tigers and solute carriers
Alessandro Mongera and Christopher M. Dooley

MITF from missense to malady
James A. Lister

Flipping the Phenotypic Switch on a Novel Antimelanoma Differentiation Strategy
Willie Wilson III and Glenn Merlino

Overcoming melanoma drug resistance through metabolic targeting?
Keiran S. M. Smalley

Three Brns are Better Than Two
Colin R Goding

Generating melanocytes from human pluripotent stem cells
Sandra Varum, Lukas Sommer

Human pigmentation: painting by numbers or ancestry?
Richard A. Sturm and David L. Duffy

Snowflake, albinism and conservation
Lluis Montoliu

Deep into melanocyte stem cells: the role of Kit signaling in their establishment
Hitomi Aoki and Takahiro Kunisada

How the Leopard Gets Its Spots: a Transmembrane Peptidase Specifies Feline Pigmentation Patterns
Ian J. Jackson

Crossing the junction in the gap of melanoma brain metastasis
Takafumi Kamiya, Aaron K. Mobley and Menashe Bar-Eli

Regulatory T cells get nervous in the melanoma microenvironment
Thomas Tueting

The path of least resistance: enhancing the effectiveness of BRAF inhibitors
Colin R. Goding

Rac1 cycling fast in melanoma with P29S
Ang Li, Laura M. Machesky

The masters talk: the PGC-1α–MITF axis as a melanoma energizer
Ze'ev Ronai

Vitiligo: the white armor?
Alain Taïeb and Khaled Ezzedine

Old before their time: the ancient origins of the neural crest
Thomas Butts, Anthony Graham

miR networks in melanoma - more to come!
Silke Kuphal, Anja Bosserhoff

Oct4 Transforming Melanoma
Robert Ballotti

Being in the red: a no-win situation with melanoma
Zalfa A. Abdel-Malek and Shosuke Ito

Spotting a role for an Ig superfamily cell adhesion molecule in pigment pattern formation
Robert N. Kelsh

Covering the bases: loss of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in melanoma
Skirmantas Kriaucionis

Crystallizing the Functional Specificity of MITF
Heather A. Carey, Michael C. Ostrowski and Sudarshana M. Sharma

Looking into eye evolution: amphioxus points the way
Thurston C. Lacalli

Spotting a role for an Ig superfamily cell adhesion molecule in pigment pattern formation
Robert N. Kelsh

Covering the bases: loss of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in melanoma
Skirmantas Kriaucionis


Relapse of melanoma after successful adoptive T-cell therapy: escape through inflammation-induced phenotypic melanoma cell plasticity
Rajasekharan Somasundaram and Meenhard Herlyn

Crystallizing the Functional Specificity of MITF
Heather A. Carey, Michael C. Ostrowski and Sudarshana M. Sharma

For skin cancer growth, look below: Dermal UV damage and skin Field Cancerization
Enrique C. Torchia, Dennis R. Roop

Decreased Melanoma Proliferation and Cell Survival: Turn Down Your SOX10
Stacie K. Loftus

Raising the bar for melanoma cancer gene discovery
A. H. Shain and Boris C. Bastian

Fishing for melanoma markers through comparative transcriptome analysis
Marina Mione and Olivier Armant

MicroScale: miniaturizing cell arrays for macrogenetic screens
Manickam Janakiraman and David B. Solit

For skin cancer growth, look below: dermal UV damage and skin field cancerization
Enrique C. Torchia and Dennis R. Roop

Well MET: Exosomes promote metastasis through transfer of MET from melanoma to bone marrow progenitors
Li Yang and Glenn Merlino

LKB1 suppresses melanoma metastasis: the answer is YES
Filippos Kottakis, Sushma Gurumurthy and Nabeel Bardeesy

SUMO, PTEN, and tumor suppression
Michael J. Matunis and Catherine M. Guzzo

Both PAX6 and MITF are required for pigment epithelium development in vivo
Simon Saule

Pigmentation or transparency? Camouflage tactics in deep-sea cephalopods
Lydia M. Mäthger and Roger T. Hanlon

Throwing the kitchen sink at melanoma drug development
Keith T. Flaherty

SUMO, PTEN and Tumor Suppression
Michael J. Matunis and Catherine M. Guzzo

Melanoma back in the UVA spotlight
David Mitchell

MicroScale: Miniaturizing cell arrays for Macrogenetic screens
Manickam Janakiraman and David B. Solit

From bedding to bedside: Genetically engineered mouse models of cancer inform concurrent clinical trials
William E. Damsky and Marcus Bosenberg

Harnessing the Power of Human Tumor Derived Cell Lines for the Rational Design of Cancer Therapies
Christopher L Plaisier and Nitin S Baliga

The Sweet and Bitter Sides of Galectins in Melanoma Progression
Russell R. Braeuer, Einav Shoshan, Takafumi Kamiya and Menashe Bar-Eli

PREX2, a new breed of cancer gene with too many spots?
Sarah Mense, Cindy Hodakoski and Ramon Parsons

Senescence-Escape in Melanoma
Wenjin Liu and Norman E. Sharpless

Active Surrender
Eric A. Collisson

Therapy resistance by splicing: Can the androgen receptor teach us about BRAF?
Jianfei Qi

Immunoediting the cancer genome–a new approach for personalized cancer therapy?
Antoni Ribas

Stem cell niche: from concept to reality
Satomi Nishikawa-Torikai and Shin-ichi Nishikawa

Striping by striding: synthetic approaches toward pattern formation
Seita Miyazawa

The Yin-Yang of RAF inhibitors
Ha Linh Vu and Andrew E. Aplin

MicroRNAs and signaling, complex interaction by feedback loops
Daniel Völler and Anja Bosserhoff

Pigmentation or transparency? Camouflage tactics in deep sea cephalopods
Lydia M Mäthger and Roger T Hanlon

β-catenin in metastatic melanoma - The smoking gun reloaded
Terry Van Dyke and Glenn Merlino

Coding genes join the non-coding world
Sergei A. Manakov and Jing Crystal Zhao


Can having fun protect you from obesity and its cancer risk?
Sheila Collins

The gluttonous side of malignant melanoma: Basic and clinical implications of macroautophagy
Agnieszka Checinska and María S. Soengas

A new mutation with STAGgering effects
J. William Harbour

The Three M’s: Melanoma, MITF and MicroRNA
Rachel E. Bell and Carmit Levy

Glutamate Receptors: Emerging Players in Melanomagenesis
Janet Wangari-Talbot and Suzie Chen

Induction of senescence in melanoma: thinking outside the cell
Narendra Wajapeyee and Michael R. Green

Serine biosynthesis: fuel for the melanoma cell growth engine
Stephen G. Dann and Robert T. Abraham

DUB for MITF: no myth, some dubiety
Serge Y. Fuchs

Melanoma researchers have a reason to GRIN: melanoma yields more of its secrets to exome sequencing
Paul Meltzer

If you can't beat me, join me: collaborating oncogenes circumventing senescence and causing cancer
Patrick A Possik and Daniel S Peeper

Targeting Leucine addiction and autophagy in melanoma
Maria T. Diaz-Meco

Niche work when you can get it: Collagen XVII and the melanocyte stem cell
Rasmus Freter

Separating melanins into their primary colors: quantifying contributions from eumelanin and pheomelanin
John D. Simon

Melanocytes and melanoma: hooked on elongation
James A. Lister

Evolution in Action: Highlighting a Role for the Agouti Gene in Development?
Ian Jackson

A fitness model for melanoma-initiating cells
Bradley J. Kubick and Dennis R. Roop

Illuminating progression: tracking melanoma metastasis in a gene therapy setting
Chi-Ping Day and Glenn Merlino

MITF: the power and the glory (pages 262–263)
Keith S. Hoek

(Mela)statin’ the not so obvious: tumor suppressor hidden in intron
Ashley M. Poenitzsch, Vijayasaradhi Setaluri and Vladimir S. Spiegelman    

Unwelcome guests: macrophages promote UV-induced melanoma
William E. Damsky and Marcus Bosenberg       

Uveal Melanoma and GNA11 Mutations: a new piece added to the puzzle
Ahmad Besaratinia, Gerd P. Pfeifer

Melanoma and DNA damage from a distance (farstander effect)
Shobhan Gaddameedhi and Aziz Sancar

Fitting MITF regulation of PDE4D3 into the skin pigmentation puzzle
Mickael Ohanna, Corine Bertolotto and Robert Ballotti

Mind the BAP
Andrew E. Aplin and Takami Sato

Stress-sensing toll-like receptor as a driver of angiogenesis
Xiang-Yang Wang, Devanand Sarkar and Paul B. Fisher

Red hair or not – reassessment of melanoma risk among CDKN2A carriers
Marianne Berwick

Is UV-induced mutation formation in melanocytes different from other skin cells?
Thomas M. Rünger

Turing patterns: how the fish got its spots
Hillery C. Metz, Marie Manceau and Hopi E. Hoekstra

A new delta-COP on the block – linking pigmentation defects with neurodegeneration
Wolfgang Wagner and John A. Hammer III

Melanoma and viagra: an unexpected connection
Devarati Mitra, Kathleen C. Robinson and David E. Fisher


‘Going green’ against skin cancer
Mariam Malik and Stuart Yuspa

Of swords and ploughshares: Immunosurveillance and inflammation in melanoma
Thomas Tüting

4E-BPs at the crossroads of oncogenic MAPK and AKT signaling
Ivan Topisirovic and Nahum Sonenberg

Smoke and miRrors: pseudogenes tricking miRNAs
Meifan Chen

TRP-ing off the p53 apoptotic switch
Afshan Ahmed and Margaret Ashcroft

Improved melanoma survival at last! Ipilimumab and a paradigm shift for immunotherapy
Thomas F. Gajewski

Not quite as old as the sun
Estela E. Medrano

Ipilimumab for metastatic melanoma: A paradigm shift in cancer immunotherapy
Thomas F. Gajewski

Dicing with death: Mitf regulates DICER 
Colin R. Goding

Sex-specific coloration for display and camouflage 
Heinz Arnheiter

What tumor vessels can tell us
Sunyoung Lee

Exploring melanoma's massively parallel universe 
Keith S. Hoek

The quest for the melanoma stem cell: Still more questions than answers 
Florian Rambow, Lionel Larue

Chemokines in tumor microenvironment revealed 
Ann Richmond

Mutation spectrum of the first melanoma genome points finger firmly at ultraviolet light as the primary carcinogen
Nicholas K. Hayward

Programming T cells for adoptive T cell transfer therapy
Paul Chapman

C-end your drugs using peptide tags
Dan Niculescu-Duvaz, Caroline Springer, Richard Marais

Regulation of Raf activity by dimerization
Hua Wei, Ming-Ming Zhou

Anticipating drug resistance in the MAP kinase pathway 
Ronen Marmorstein

Melanocytes don't always take the high road 
Hun-Way Hwang, William J. Pavan

A colorful explanation for atrial arrhythmias
Benjamin F. Remo, Glenn I. Fishman

Anticipating drug resistance in the MAP kinase pathway 
Ronen Marmorstein

Melanocytes don't always take the high road 
Hun-Way Hwang, William J. Pavan

Piecing together the pigment-type switching puzzle
Will P. Walker, Teresa M. Gunn

Moesin/ezrin: a specific role in cell metastasis?
Dominique Lallemand, Monique Arpin

TYRO3-mediated regulation of MITF: a novel target in melanoma?

Udo Rudloff, Yardena Samuels


Unique transforming properties of Notch1 in human melanocytes 
Barbara Bedogni, Marianne Broome Powell

Functional role of MITF phosphorylation. In vivo veritas? 
Corine Bertolotto, Robert Ballotti

Double stranded RNA tricks melanoma cells into committing suicide 
Romina S. Goldszmid, Uzma A. Hasan, Giorgio Trinchieri

Classic versus non-classic: A survival Kit for life in the skin 
Shigeyuki Uehara, Akiha Kawasaki, Hiroaki Yamamoto

Mutated ERBB4: a novel drug target in metastatic melanoma? 
Kari Kurppa, Klaus Elenius

Gray zone prompting new imagination
Shinichi Nishikawa

Secrets to developing Wnt-age melanoma revealed
Lionel Larue, Véronique Delmas

F-box proteins FBXO31 and FBX4 in regulation of cyclin D1 degradation upon DNA damage
Lijun Jia, Yi Sun

Complexities of cuticular pigmentation in insects
Manickam Sugumaran
MITF pathway mutations in melanoma 
Satoru Yokoyama, Nunciada Salma, David E. Fisher

GOLPH3 links the Golgi network to mTOR signaling and human cancer 
Robert T. Abraham

Mysteries of salt and pepper 
Bhushan Sarode, Friedrich Beermann

Seeing red: pheomelanin synthesis uncovered 
John D. Simon

Melanocytes out-foxed 
James A. Lister

The long arm of BRAFV600E gets to mTORC1
Pablo Lopez-Bergami
June 2009

Building the perfect beast: complex mouse models teach surprisingly simple melanoma lessons
Glenn Merlino
June 2009

Wild-type versus mutant MMP-8 in melanoma: 'When you come to a fork in the road, take it'* 
Jessica S. Blackburn, Constance E. Brinckerhoff
June 2009

Eating thyself toward the dark side?
Michael S. Marks
June 2009

Agouti signal protein: crossing the 'yellow' signal and arriving to pathways that affect tumorgenesis
Zalfa A. Abdel-Malek
June 2009

Canine coloration: dark domesticated dogs and the bright side for wild wolves
Kevin J. McGraw
June 2009

How TGF-ß and PAX3 regulate suntanning
Mary R. Loeken
April 2009

Maximizing tumor cell invasion 
Pat P. Ongusaha, Sam W. Lee
April 2009

Snail puts melanoma on the fast track 
Thomas Herzinger, Dieter A. Wolf
April 2009

Lipid-mediated signalling and melanocyte function 
Mauro Picardo
April 2009

Are suberythemal doses of ultraviolet B good for your skin? 
Andrzej Slominski
April 2009

Mouse pigmentation mutants help identify a uveal melanoma oncogene 
Nicholas K. Hayward
February 2009

Cracking the system: melanoma complexity demands new therapeutic approaches 
Adina Vultur, Meenhard Herlyn
February 2009

Stemming the flood 
Keith S. Hoek, Ossia M. Eichhoff, Daniel Widmer, Reinhard Dummer
February 2009

Stepping on the GAS: a brake pedal for melanoma metastasis? 
Marika Linja, Levi A. Garraway
February 2009

The expanding role and presence of neuromelanins in the human brain – why gray matter is gray 
Vincent J. Hearing
February 2009

Melanins seem to be everywhere in the body, but for what? 
Shosuke Ito
February 2009


Looping tumor suppression 
Maria S. Soengas
December 2008

'How tyrosinase got its copper'– not a Just So Story! 

Vijayasaradhi Setaluri
December 2008

Riding 'white' horses reveals new insights into pigmentation and melanoma 
Belinda J. Norris
December 2008

Ribosomes and p53 – a new KIT for skin darkening 
Heinz Arnheiter, Kapil Bharti
October 2008

The ARFul truth about melanoma susceptibility genes 
Glenn Merlino
October 2008

Searching for the Achilles' heel of melanoma cells: new treatment modalities 
Vladislava O. Melnikova, Menashe Bar-Eli
October 2008

Expanding the genetic spectrum of pigmentation 
Boris C. Bastian, Daniel Pinkel
October 2008

Effectively targeting BRAF in melanoma: a formidable challenge 
Leslie A Fecher, Ravi Amaravadi, Lynn M. Schuchter
August 2008

All for one, one for all: alternative promoters and Mitf 
Eiríkur Steingrímsson
August 2008

Colourless side of the nude mutation: Foxn1 and hair pigmentation 
Hitomi Aoki, Takahiro Kunisada
June 2008

Neanderthal man's MC1R plays fair 
Eugene Healy
June 2008

A shining future for NR4A nuclear receptors in DNA repair 
Thijs W.H. Pols, Carlie J.M. de Vries
June 2008

SLC24A5: exchanging genetic and biochemical knowledge 
Ellen E. Quillen, Mark D. Shriver
June 2008

Perspectives on the structure and function of melanin 
John D. Simon, Małgorzata Różanowska
June 2008

Melanoma initiating cells – easy as ABC? 
Anindita Bhoumik, Ze'ev Ronai
April 2008

A pigment evolution Kitlg 
Emma R. Greenhill, Robert N. Kelsh
April 2008

Human 'coat colour' genetics 
Richard A. Sturm
April 2008

SOX9 and the tanning response: something new under the sun 
Jose Carlos Garcia-Borron
February 2008

A new mechanism of release from senescence: suppression of p16INK4a by beta-catenin 
David P. Curley, Marcus W. Bosenberg
February 2008

ß-Defensin 3: a novel and unexpected key that unlocks the melanocortin 1 receptor 
Zalfa A. Abdel-Malek, Dorothy Supp
February 2008

MYC-induced sensitivity of human malignant melanoma to proteasome inhibitors – a KaMYCaze effect 
Serge Y. Fuchs
February 2008

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