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Class II-specific histone deacetylase inhibitors MC1568 and MC1575 suppress IL-8 expression in human melanoma cells
Venza, M. Visalli, R. Oteri, M. Cucinotta, D Teti and M. Venza

CXCR7 mediates SDF1-induced melanocyte migration
Eunkyung Lee, Jiyeon Han, Kwangmi Kim, Hyunjung Choi, Eun-Gyung Cho and Tae Ryong Lee

TBX2 expression is regulated by PAX3 in the melanocyte lineage
Fang Liu, Juxiang Cao, Jinghu Lv, Liang Dong, Eric Pier, George X. Xu, Rui-an Wang, Zhixiang Xu, Colin Goding and Rutao Cui


Emerging molecular targets in melanoma invasion and metastasis
Jose L. Orgaz and Victoria Sanz-Moreno

Class II-specific histone deacetylase inhibitors MC1568 and MC1575 suppress IL-8 expression in human melanoma cells
I. Venza, M. Visalli, R. Oteri, M. Cucinotta, D Teti and M. Venza

HGF in the Neighborhood Reverses Resistance to BRAF inhibitor in Melanoma
Brian J. Nickoloff and George Vande Woude

Mitophagy or how to control the Jekyll and Hyde embedded in mitochondrial metabolism: Implications for melanoma progression and drug resistance
María S. Soengas

TBX2 expression is regulated by PAX3 in the melanocyte lineage
Fang Liu, Juxiang Cao, Jinghu Lv, Liang Dong, Eric Pier, George X. Xu, Rui-an Wang, Zhixiang Xu, Colin Goding and Rutao Cui

Genetic variation at KIT locus may predispose to melanoma
Agnes Bourillon, Hui-Han Hu, Gilles Hetet, Jean-Jacques Lacapere, Jocelyne André, Vincent Descamps, Nicole Basset-Seguin, Zighereda Ogbah, Susana Puig, Philippe Saiag, Martine Bagot, Armand Bensussan, Bernard Grandchamp, Nicolas Dumaz and Nadem Soufir

Vitamin D and overall mortality
Aliana Guerrieri-Gonzaga and Sara Gandini

Mitophagy or how to control the Jekyll and Hyde embedded in mitochondrial metabolism: implications for melanoma progression and drug resistance
María S. Soengas

Glutamine-fueled mitochondrial metabolism is decoupled from glycolysis in melanoma
Fabian V. Filipp, Boris Ratnikov, Jessica De Ingeniis, Jeffrey W. Smith, Andrei L. Osterman and David A. Scott

Aberrations in the micro-RNA biogenesis machinery and the emerging roles of micro-RNAs in the pathogenesis of cutaneous malignant melanoma
Raya Leibowitz-Amit, Yechezkel Sidi and Dror Avni

Hepatocyte growth factor in the neighborhood reverses resistance to BRAF inhibitor in melanoma
Brian J. Nickoloff and George Vande Woude

Rac1 in the driver’s seat for melanoma
Laura M. Machesky and Owen J. Sansom

Manassantin B inhibits melanosome transport in melanocytes by disrupting the melanophilin–myosin Va interaction
Huikyoung Chang, Hyunjung Choi, Kyung-Mi Joo, Daegun Kim and Tae Ryong Lee

Hic-5 affects proliferation, migration and invasion of B16 murine melanoma cells
Fumihito Noguchi, Shigeki Inui, Takeshi Nakajima and Satoshi Itami

Efficient gene expression profiling of laser-microdissected melanoma metastases
Samira Makhzami, Florian Rambow, Veronique Delmas and Lionel Larue

A BLOC-1 mutation screen reveals a novel BLOC1S3 mutation in Hermansky–Pudlak Syndrome type 8
Andrew R. Cullinane, James A. Curry, Gretchen Golas, James Pan, Carmelo Carmona-Rivera, Richard A. Hess, James G. White, Marjan Huizing and William A. Gahl

Commentary on roberts et al. Molecular cell, 2012.mutational showers during carcinogenesis
William K. Kaufmann

Glutamine-fueled mitochondrial metabolism is decoupled from glycolysis in melanoma
Fabian V. Filipp, Boris Ratnikov, Jessica De Ingeniis, Jeffrey W. Smith, Andrei L. Osterman and David A. Scott

Manassantin B inhibits melanosome transport in melanocytes by disrupting the melanophilin-myosin Va interaction
Huikyoung Chang, Hyunjung Choi, Kyung-Mi Joo, Daegun Kim and Tae Ryong Lee

α-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone/Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor-γ: a new connection in B16-F10 melanoma cells
Vittoria Maresca, Enrica Flori, Emanuela Camera, Barbara Bellei, Nicaela Aspite, Matteo Ludovici, Caterina Catricalà, Giorgia Cardinali and Mauro Picardo

Mutational analysis of cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas and verrucal keratosis in patients taking braf inhibitors
Rachael Anforth, Varsha Tembe, Tatiana Cristina Mores Pinto Blumetti and Pablo Fernandez-Peñas

Mutational analysis of cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas and verrucal keratosis in patients taking braf inhibitors
Rachael Anforth, Varsha Tembe, Tatiana Cristina Mores Pinto Blumetti and Pablo Fernandez-Peñas

Specifying Protein Kinase C Functions in Melanoma
Mitchell F. Denning

Genomic Characterisation of Acral Melanoma Cell Lines
Simon J Furney, Samra Turajlic, Kerry Fenwick, Maryou B Lambros, Alan MacKay, Gerda Ricken, Costas Mitsopoulos, Iwanka Kozarewa, Jarle Hakas, Marketa Zvelebil, Christopher J. Lord, Alan Ashworth, Jorge S Reis-Filho, Meenhard Herlyn, Hiroshi Murata and Richard Marais

Breast Cancer Suppressor Candidate-1 (BCSC-1) is a Melanoma Tumor Suppressor that Down Regulates MITF
Silvia I Anghel, Rafael Correa Rocha, Eva Budinska, Kayluz Frias Boligan, Shahnaz Abraham, Sara Colombetti, Lionel Fontao, Agnese Mariotti, Donata Rimoldi, Ghanem E Ghanem, David E Fisher, Laurent Bracco, Frederic Lévy, Mauro Delorenzi and Vincent Piguet

Melanoma revives an embryonic migration program to promote plasticity and invasion
Caleb M. Bailey, Jason A. Morrison and Paul M. Kulesa

Characterization of the bioactive motif of neuregulin-1, a fibroblast-derived paracrine factor that regulates the constitutive color and the function of melanocytes in human skin
Wonseon Choi, Ludger Kolbe and Vincent J. Hearing

Glutamatergic signaling in cellular transformation
Jessica L. F. Teh and Suzie Chen

Systematic classification of melanoma cells by phenotype-specific gene expression mapping
Daniel S. Widmer, Phil F. Cheng, Ossia M. Eichhoff, Benedetta C. Belloni, Marie C. Zipser, Natalie C. Schlegel, Delphine Javelaud, Alain Mauviel, Reinhard Dummer and Keith S. Hoek

Proteasome inhibition and ROS generation by 4-nerolidylcatechol induces melanoma cell death
Carla A. Brohem, Renato R. Massaro, Manoela Tiago, Camila E. Marinho, Miriam G. Jasiulionis, Rebeca L. de Almeida, Diogo P. Rivelli, Renata C. Albuquerque, Tiago F. de Oliveira, Ana P. de Melo Loureiro, Sabrina Okada, María S. Soengas, Silvia B. de Moraes Barros and Silvya S. Maria-Engler

Melanocortin-1 receptor-mediated signalling pathways activated by NDP-MSH and HBD3 ligands
Kimberley A. Beaumont, Darren J. Smit, Yan Yan Liu, Eric Chai, Mira P. Patel, Glenn L. Millhauser, Jennifer J. Smith, Paul F. Alewood and Richard A. Sturm

Reverse TCA cycle flux through isocitrate dehydrogenases 1 and 2 is required for lipogenesis in hypoxic melanoma cells
Fabian V. Filipp, David A. Scott, Ze’ev A. Ronai, Andrei L. Osterman and Jeffrey W. Smith

Reviewing the somatic genetics of melanoma: from current to future analytical approaches
Ken Dutton-Regester and Nicholas K. Hayward

Delving into somatic variation in sporadic melanoma
Vijay Walia, Euphemia W. Mu, Jimmy C. Lin and Yardena Samuels

he genetics of uveal melanoma: an emerging framework for targeted therapy
J. William Harbour

Genetic and molecular characterization of uveal melanoma cell lines
K. G. Griewank, X. Yu, J. Khalili, M. M. Sozen, K. Stempke-Hale, C. Bernatchez, S. Wardell, B. C. Bastian and S. E. Woodman

Increased levels of DUSP6 phosphatase stimulate tumourigenesis in a molecularly distinct melanoma subtype
Weiling Li, Liang Song, Ann-Marie Ritchie and David W. Melton

Functional expression of voltage-gated calcium channels in human melanoma
A. Das, C. Pushparaj, N. Bahí, A. Sorolla, J. Herreros, R. Pamplona, R. Vilella, X. Matias-Guiu, R. M. Martí and C. Cantí

Elevated expression of Rad18 regulates melanoma cell proliferation
Ronald P.C. Wong, Almass-houd Aguissa-Touré, Aijaz A. Wani, Shahram Khosravi, Michal Martinka, Magdalena Martinka and Gang Li

MEK–ERK and heparin-susceptible signaling pathways are involved in cell-cycle entry of the wound edge retinal pigment epithelium cells in the adult newt
Taro Yoshikawa, Aki Mizuno, Hirofumi Yasumuro, Wataru Inami, Maria N. Vergara, Katia Del Rio-Tsonis and Chikafumi Chiba

Inhibition of coding region determinant binding protein sensitizes melanoma cells to chemotherapeutic agents
Evisabel A. Craig and Vladimir S. Spiegelman


Front seat and back seat drivers of melanoma metastasis
Lionel Larue and Irwin Davidson

The role of mitogen- and stress-activated protein kinase pathways in melanoma
Pablo Lopez-Bergami

Embryonic stem-cell-preconditioned microenvironment induces loss of cancer cell properties in human melanoma cells
Myoung Ok Kim, Sung-Hyun Kim, Naomi Oi, Mee Hyun Lee, Dong Hoon Yu, Dong Joon Kim, Eun Jin Cho, Ann M. Bode, Yong-Yeon Cho, Tim G. Bowden and Zigang Dong

GLI2 and M-MITF transcription factors control exclusive gene expression programs and inversely regulate invasion in human melanoma cells
Delphine Javelaud, Vasileia-Ismini Alexaki, Marie-Jeanne Pierrat, Keith S. Hoek, Sylviane Dennler, Leon Van Kempen, Corine Bertolotto, Robert Ballotti, Simon Saule, Véronique Delmas and Alain Mauviel

UBE3A regulates MC1R expression: a link to hypopigmentation in Angelman syndrome
Daren Low and Ken-Shiung Chen

Constitutive activation of the ETS-1-miR-222 circuitry in metastatic melanoma
Gianfranco Mattia, M. Cristina Errico, Federica Felicetti, Marina Petrini, Lisabianca Bottero, Luisa Tomasello, Paolo Romania, Alessandra Boe, Patrizia Segnalini, Antonio Di Virgilio, Mario P. Colombo and Alessandra Carè

2,4,6-Octatrienoic acid is a novel promoter of melanogenesis and antioxidant defence in normal human melanocytes via PPAR-[gamma] activation
Enrica Flori, Arianna Mastrofrancesco, Daniela Kovacs, Yuval Ramot, Stefania Briganti, Barbara Bellei, Ralf Paus and Mauro Picardo

Differential LEF1 and TCF4 expression is involved in melanoma cell phenotype switching
Ossia M. Eichhoff, Ashani Weeraratna, Marie C. Zipser, Laurence Denat, Daniel S. Widmer, Mai Xu, Lydia Kriegl, Thomas Kirchner, Lionel Larue, Reinhard Dummer and Keith S. Hoek

Suppression of [alpha]5 gene expression is closely related to the tumorigenic properties of uveal melanoma cell lines
Solange Landreville, François Vigneault, Marjorie-Allison Bergeron, Steeve Leclerc, Manon Gaudreault, Mohib Morcos, Frédéric Mouriaux, Christian Salesse and Sylvain L. Guérin

Expression of human endogenous retrovirus K is stimulated by ultraviolet radiation in melanoma
Oliver Schanab, Johannes Humer, Andreas Gleiss, Mario Mikula, Sanda Sturlan, Susanne Grunt, Ichiro Okamoto, Thomas Muster, Hubert Pehamberger and Andrea Waltenberger

Clinical outcome and pathological features associated with NRAS mutation in cutaneous melanoma
Bianca Devitt, Wendy Liu, Renato Salemi, Rory Wolfe, John Kelly, Chin-Yuan Tzen, Alexander Dobrovic and Grant McArthur

BRCA1 is a new MITF target gene
Laurent Beuret, Mickael Ohanna, Thomas Strub, Maryline Allegra, Irwin Davidson, Corine Bertolotto and Robert Ballotti

Receptor tyrosine kinases and their activation in melanoma
David J. Easty, Steven G. Gray, Kenneth J. O’Byrne, Dearbhaile O’Donnell and Dorothy C. Bennett

How are proliferation and differentiation of melanocytes regulated?
Tomohisa Hirobe

N-glycosylation of the human melanocortin 1 receptor: occupancy of glycosylation sequons and functional role
Cecilia Herraiz, Berta L. Sánchez-Laorden, Celia Jiménez-Cervantes and José C. García-Borrón

Malignancy without immortality? Cellular immortalization as a possible late event in melanoma progression
Julia K. Soo, Alastair D. MacKenzie Ross, David M. Kallenberg, Carla Milagre, W. Heung Chong, Jade Chow, Lucy Hill, Stacey Hoare, Rebecca S. Collinson, Mehnaz Hossain, W. Nicol Keith, Richard Marais and Dorothy C. Bennett

Junctional adhesion molecules are required for melanoma cell lines transendothelial migration in vitro
Stephanie Ghislin, Dorian Obino, Sandrine Middendorp, Nicole Boggetto, Catherine Alcaide-Loridan and Frederique Deshayes

Constitutive Smad linker phosphorylation in melanoma: a mechanism of resistance to transforming growth factor-β-mediated growth inhibition
Karine A. Cohen-Solal, Kim T. Merrigan, Joseph L.-K. Chan, James S. Goydos, Wenjin Chen, David J. Foran, Fang Liu, Ahmed Lasfar and Michael Reiss

Melanoma cell invasiveness is regulated by miR-211 suppression of the BRN2 transcription factor
Glen M. Boyle, Susan L. Woods, Vanessa F. Bonazzi, Mitchell S. Stark, Elke Hacker, Lauren G. Aoude, Ken Dutton-Regester, Anthony L. Cook, Richard A. Sturm and Nicholas K. Hayward
Article first published online: 7 APR 2011 | DOI: 10.1111/j.1755-148X.2011.00849.x

MicroRNA-155 targets the SKI gene in human melanoma cell lines
Lauretta Levati, Elena Pagani, Sveva Romani, Daniele Castiglia, Eugenia Piccinni, Claudia Covaciu, Patrizia Caporaso, Sergio Bondanza, Francesca R. Antonetti, Enzo Bonmassar, Fabio Martelli, Ester Alvino and Stefania D’Atri


Regulation of NR4A nuclear receptor expression by oncogenic BRAF in melanoma cells
Aaron G. Smith, Wen Lim, Michael Pearen, George E. O. Muscat and Richard A. Sturm


Generation of melanocytes from neural crest cells
Lukas Sommer

Melanoma cell invasiveness is regulated by miR-211 suppression of the BRN2 transcription factor
Glen M. Boyle, Susan L. Woods, Vanessa F. Bonazzi, Mitchell S. Stark, Elke Hacker, Lauren G. Aoude, Ken Dutton-Regester, Anthony L. Cook, Richard A. Sturm and Nicholas K. Hayward

SKI knockdown inhibits human melanoma tumor growth in vivo (pages 761–772)
Dahu Chen, Qiushi Lin, Neil Box, Dennis Roop, Shunsuke Ishii, Koichi Matsuzaki, Tao Fan, Thomas J. Hornyak, Jon A Reed, Ed Stavnezer, Nikolai A. Timchenko and Estela E. Medrano

Integrins: versatile receptors controlling melanocyte adhesion, migration and proliferation
Perrine Pinon and Bernhard Wehrle-Haller

Advances in melanoma senescence and potential clinical application
Sandy Giuliano, Mickaël Ohanna, Robert Ballotti and Corine Bertolotto

Wnt/β-catenin signaling is stimulated by β-melanocyte-stimulating hormone in melanoma and melanocyte cells: implication in cell differentiation
Barbara Bellei, Angela Pitisci, Caterina Catricalà, Lionel Larue and Mauro Picardo

A proliferative melanoma cell phenotype is responsive to RAF/MEK inhibition independent of BRAF mutation status
Marie C. Zipser, Ossia M. Eichhoff, Daniel S. Widmer, Natalie C. Schlegel, Nicola L. Schoenewolf, Darrin Stuart, Weihua Liu, Humphrey Gardner, Paul D. Smith, Paolo Nuciforo, Reinhard Dummer and Keith S. Hoek

MITF: the power and the glory
Keith S. Hoek

Melanoma and DNA damage from a distance (farstander effect)
Shobhan Gaddameedhi and Aziz Sancar

Fitting MITF regulation of PDE4D3 into the skin pigmentation puzzle
Mickael Ohanna, Corine Bertolotto and Robert Ballotti

Stress-sensing toll-like receptor as a driver of angiogenesis
Xiang-Yang Wang, Devanand Sarkar and Paul B. Fisher

Is UV-induced mutation formation in melanocytes different from other skin cells?
Thomas M. Rünger

Melanoma and viagra: an unexpected connection
Devarati Mitra, Kathleen C. Robinson and David E. Fisher

Post-transcriptional regulation controlled by E-cadherin is important for c-Jun activity in melanoma
B. Spangler, L. Vardimon, A. K. Bosserhoff and S. Kuphal

Plexin B1 inhibits integrin-dependent pp125FAK and Rho activity in melanoma
Lindy McClelland, YuLin Chen, Joanne Soong, IHsin Kuo and Glynis Scott

Loss of Klotho during melanoma progression leads to increased filamin cleavage, increased Wnt5A expression, and enhanced melanoma cell motility
Tura C. Camilli, Mai Xu, Michael P. O’Connell, Bonnie Chien, Brittany P. Frank, Sarah Subaran, Fred E. Indig, Patrice J. Morin, Stephen M. Hewitt and Ashani T. Weeraratna

Quantitative expression profiling of G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) in metastatic melanoma: the constitutively active orphan GPCR GPR18 as novel drug target
Y. Qin, E. M. E. Verdegaal, M. Siderius, J. P. Bebelman, M. J. Smit, R. Leurs, R. Willemze, C. P. Tensen and S. Osanto

The p53/p21Cip1/ Waf1 pathwaymediates the effects of SPARC on melanoma cell cycle progression
Nina Fenouille, Guillaume Robert, Mélanie Tichet, Alexandre Puissant, Maeva Dufies, Stéphane Rocchi, Jean-Paul Ortonne, Marcel Deckert, Robert Ballotti and Sophie Tartare-Deckert

The mouse pink-eyed dilution allele of the P-gene greatly inhibits eumelanin but notpheomelanin synthesis
Tomohisa Hirobe, Shosuke Ito and Kazumasa Wakamatsu


The discovery of the microphthalmia locus and its gene, Mitf 
Heinz Arnheiter

Interpretation of complex phenotypes: lessons from the Mitf gene
Eiríkur Steingrímsson

Lighting a path to pigmentation: mechanisms of MITF induction by UV 
Jue J. Liu and David E. Fisher

Oncogenic RAF: a brief history of time
David Solit and Neal Rosen

Differential roles of the pRb and Arf/p53 pathways in murine naevus and melanoma genesis
Blake Ferguson, H. Konrad Muller, Herlina Y. Handoko, Kiarash Khosrotehrani, Friedrich Beermann, Elke Hacker, H. Peter Soyer, Marcus Bosenberg and Graeme J. Walker

p53 prevents progression of nevi to melanoma predominantly through cell cycle regulation
Tamara Terzian, Enrique C. Torchia, Daisy Dai, Steven E. Robinson, Kazutoshi Murao, Regan A. Stiegmann, Victoria Gonzalez, Glen M. Boyle, Marianne B. Powell, Pamela M. Pollock, Guillermina Lozano, William A. Robinson, Dennis R. Roop and Neil F. Bo

Smad7 restricts melanoma invasion by restoring N-cadherin expression and establishing heterotypic cell–cell interactions in vivo
Kyle A. DiVito, Valerie A. Trabosh, You-Shin Chen, Yu Chen, Chris Albanese, Delphine Javelaud, Alain Mauviel, Cynthia M. Simbulan-Rosenthal and Dean S. Rosenthal

The aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR), a novel regulator of human melanogenesis
Sandra Luecke, Maria Backlund, Bettina Jux, Charlotte Esser, Jean Krutmann and Agneta Rannug

Melanoma cell-secreted soluble factor that stimulates ubiquitination and degradation of the interferon alpha receptor and attenuates its signalling
Wei-Chun HuangFu, Juan Qian, Chengbao Liu, Hallgeir Rui and Serge Y. Fuchs

Decreased heme oxygenase-1 expression distinguishes human melanomas from melanocytic nevi
Sun A Jin, Jae-Jeong Park, Jee-Bum Lee, Seung-Chul Lee and Sook Jung Yun

4E-BPs at the crossroads of oncogenic MAPK and AKT signaling
Ivan Topisirovic and Nahum Sonenberg

The unfolded protein response in melanocytes: activation in response to chemical stressors of the endoplasmic reticulum and tyrosinase misfolding
Prashiela Manga, Sabina Bis, Kristen Knoll, Beremis Perez and Seth J. Orlow

Loss of nuclear receptor RXRα in epidermal keratinocytes promotes the formation of Cdk4-activated invasive melanomas
Stephen Hyter, Gaurav Bajaj, Xiaobo Liang, Mariano Barbacid, Gitali Ganguli-Indra and Arup Kumar Indra

Radiation-inducible human tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) gene therapy: a novel treatment for radioresistant uveal melanoma
Yixiong Zhou, Xin Song, Renbin Jia, Haibo Wang, Liyan Dai, Xiaofang Xu, Ping Gu, Shengfang Ge and Xianqun Fan

Targeting GRP78 to enhance melanoma cell death
Shaun Martin, David S. Hill, James C. Paton, Adrienne W. Paton, Mark A. Birch-Machin, Penny E. Lovat and Chris P.F. Redfern

The EphB4 receptor promotes the growth of melanoma cells expressing the ephrin-B2 ligand
Nai-Ying Yang, Pablo Lopez-Bergami, James S. Goydos, Dana Yip, Ameae M. Walker, Elena B. Pasquale and Iryna M. Ethell

A role for the JARID1B stem cell marker for continuous melanoma growth
Matthew Held and Marcus Bosenberg

Dicing with death: Mitf regulates DICER
Colin R. Goding

Targeted delivery of NRASQ61R and Cre-recombinase to post-natal melanocytes induces melanoma in Ink4a/Arflox/lox mice
Matthew W. VanBrocklin, James P. Robinson, Kristin J. Lastwika, Joseph D. Khoury and Sheri L. Holmen

Allele-specific genetic interactions between Mitf and Kit affect melanocyte development
Bin Wen, Yu Chen, Huirong Li, Jing Wang, Jie Shen, Aobo Ma, Jia Qu, Keren Bismuth, Julien Debbache, Heinz Arnheiter and Ling Hou

Silencing and re-expression of retinoic acid receptor beta2 in human melanoma
Jun Fan, Linda Eastham, Melinda E. Varney, Adam Hall, Nicolas L. Adkins, Vincent E. Sollars, Philippe Georgel and Richard M. Niles

Genome-wide analysis of POU3F2/BRN2 promoter occupancy in human melanoma cells reveals Kitl as a novel regulated target gene
Dominique Kobi, Anne-Lise Steunou, Doulaye Dembélé, Stéphanie Legras, Lionel Larue, Laurence Nieto and Irwin Davidson

Prostaglandin-E2 is produced by adult human epidermal melanocytes in response to UVB in a melanogenesis-independent manner
Karl Gledhill, Lesley E. Rhodes, Margaret Brownrigg, Ann K. Haylett, Mojgan Masoodi, Anthony J. Thody, Anna Nicolaou and Desmond J. Tobin

Ex vivo live imaging of melanoblast migration in embryonic mouse skin 
Richard L. Mort, Leonard Hay and Ian J. Jackson

Cell cycle inhibitor p21/ WAF1/ CIP1 as a cofactor of MITF expression in melanoma cells
Blanka Šestáková, Lubica Ondrušová and Jiri Vachtenheim

PAX3 and SOX10 activate MET receptor expression in melanoma
Joseph B. Mascarenhas, Erica L. Littlejohn, Rebecca J. Wolsky, Kacey P. Young, Maria Nelson, Ravi Salgia and Deborah Lang

Functional alterations in protein kinase C beta II expression in melanoma
John P. Voris, Leonid A. Sitailo, Heidi R. Rahn, Ann Defnet, Aaron T. Gerds, Robert Sprague, Vipin Yadav, I. Caroline Le Poole and Mitchell F. Denning

Mutations in KIT occur at low frequency in melanomas arising from anatomical sites associated with chronic and intermittent sun exposure
Despina Handolias, Renato Salemi, William Murray, Angela Tan, Wendy Liu, Amaya Viros, Alexander Dobrovic, John Kelly and Grant A. McArthur

αB-crystallin is mutant B-RAF regulated and contributes to cyclin D1 turnover in melanocytic cells
Rong Hu and Andrew E. Aplin

Stepping up melanocytes to the challenge of UV exposure (pages 171–186)
Zalfa A. Abdel-Malek, Ana Luisa Kadekaro and Viki B. Swope

Roles of endothelin signaling in melanocyte development and melanoma (pages 160–170)
Amy Saldana-Caboverde and Lidia Kos

Transgenic expression of Notch in melanocytes demonstrates RBP-Jκ-dependent signaling (pages 134–136)
Karine Schouwey, Lionel Larue, Freddy Radtke, Véronique Delmas and Friedrich Beermann

Keratinocytes in culture accumulate phagocytosed melanosomes in the perinuclear area (pages 129–133)
Hideya Ando, Yoko Niki, Masaki Yoshida, Masaaki Ito, Kaoru Akiyama, Jin-Hwa Kim, Tae-Jin Yoon, Jeung-Hoon Lee, Mary S. Matsui and Masamitsu Ichihashi

Enhancement of DNA repair using topical T4 endonuclease V does not inhibit melanoma formation in Cdk4R24C/R24C/Tyr-NrasQ61K mice following neonatal UVR(pages 121–128)
Elke Hacker, H. Konrad Muller, Nicholas Hayward, Paul Fahey and Graeme Walker

AKT2 is a downstream target of metabotropic glutamate receptor 1 (Grm1) (pages 103–111)
Seung-Shick Shin, Brian A. Wall, James S. Goydos and Suzie Chen

ERK-regulated differential expression of the Mitf 6a/b splicing isoforms in melanoma (pages 93–102)
Aline Primot, Ariane Mogha, Sébastien Corre, Karen Roberts, Julien Debbache, Henri Adamski, Brigitte Dreno, Amir Khammari, Thierry Lesimple, Agnes Mereau, Colin R Goding

Melanin precursors prevent premature age-related and noise-induced hearing loss in albino mice (pages 72–83)
Silvia Murillo-Cuesta, Julio Contreras, Esther Zurita, Rafael Cediel, Marta Cantero, Isabel Varela-Nieto and Lluís Montoliu

Molecular pathogenesis of malignant melanoma: a different perspective from the studies of melanocytic nevus and acral melanoma (pages 64–71)
Minoru Takata, Hiroshi Murata and Toshiaki Saida

UVA tanning is involved in the increased incidence of skin cancers in fair-skinned young women (pages 57–63)
Sergio G. Coelho and Vincent J. Hearing

Dormancy of metastatic melanoma (pages 41–56)
Liliana Ossowski and Julio A. Aguirre-Ghiso

Fifteen-year quest for microphthalmia-associated transcription factor target genes(pages 27–40)
Yann Cheli, Mickael Ohanna, Robert Ballotti and Corine Bertolotto

TYRO3-mediated regulation of MITF: a novel target in melanoma? (pages 9–11)
Udo Rudloff and Yardena Samuels

Moesin/ezrin: a specific role in cell metastasis? (pages 6–7)
Dominique Lallemand and Monique Arpin


α-MSH activates immediate defense responses to UV-induced oxidative stress in human melanocytes (pages 809–818)
Xiuzu Song, Nicole Mosby, Jennifer Yang, Aie Xu, Zalfa Abdel-Malek and Ana Luisa Kadekaro

Inhibition of Siah2 ubiquitin ligase by vitamin K3 (menadione) attenuates hypoxia and MAPK signaling and blocks melanoma tumorigenesis (pages 799–808)
Meera Shah, John L. Stebbins, Antimone Dewing, Jianfei Qi, Maurizio Pellecchia and Ze’ev A. Ronai

Identification of direct transcriptional targets of V600EBRAF/MEK signalling in melanoma (pages 785–798)
Leisl M Packer, Philip East, Jorge S Reis-Filho and Richard Marais

NRG1 / ERBB3 signaling in melanocyte development and melanoma: inhibition of differentiation and promotion of proliferation (pages 773–784)
Kristina Buac, Mai Xu, Julie Cronin, Ashani T. Weeraratna, Stephen M. Hewitt and William J. Pavan

SKI knockdown inhibits human melanoma tumor growth in vivo (pages 761–772)
Dahu Chen, Qiushi Lin, Neil Box, Dennis Roop, Shunsuke Ishii, Koichi Matsuzaki, Tao Fan, Thomas J. Hornyak, Jon A Reed, Ed Stavnezer, Nikolai A. Timchenko and Estela E. Medrano

New insights into the active site structure and catalytic mechanism of tyrosinase and its related proteins (pages 750–760)
Concepcion Olivares and Francisco Solano

Hear the Wnt Ror: how melanoma cells adjust to changes in Wnt (pages 724–739)
Michael P. O’Connell and Ashani T. Weeraratna

Classic versus non-classic: A survival Kit for life in the skin (pages 706–708)
Shigeyuki Uehara, Akiha Kawasaki and Hiroaki Yamamoto

Double stranded RNA tricks melanoma cells into committing suicide (pages 705–706)
Romina S. Goldszmid, Uzma A. Hasan and Giorgio Trinchieri

Functional role of MITF phosphorylation. In vivo veritas? (pages 703–704)
Corine Bertolotto and Robert Ballotti

Unique transforming properties of Notch1 in human melanocytes (pages 702–703)
Barbara Bedogni and Marianne Broome Powell

SKI knockdown inhibits human melanoma tumor growth in vivo (pages 761–772)
Dahu Chen, Qiushi Lin, Neil Box, Dennis Roop, Shunsuke Ishii, Koichi Matsuzaki, Tao Fan, Thomas J. Hornyak, Jon A Reed, Ed Stavnezer, Nikolai A. Timchenko and Estela E. Medrano

α-MSH tripeptide analogs activate the melanocortin 1 receptor and reduce UV-induced DNA damage in human melanocytes (pages 635–644)
Zalfa A. Abdel-Malek, Andrew Ruwe, Renny Kavanagh-Starner, Ana Luisa Kadekaro, Viki Swope, Carrie Haskell-Luevano, Leonid Koikov and James J. Knittel

Laminin-421 produced by lymphatic endothelial cells induces chemotaxis for human melanoma cells (pages 601–610)
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Article first published online: 15 APR 2009 | DOI: 10.1111/j.1755-148X.2009.00574.x

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